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Length: 40 ft 11 in 12,50 m Wingspan: 37 ft 1. Anyway, I could not find a good historical slot or justification for the daytime Sabre in Finnish service, because this role was filled out through the much more capable MiGF. A contemporary all-weather fighter was lacking, though, and so I realized the concept through a Sabre Dog, for which I dug out an Airfix FD from from the kit pile. But this would result in some mods to the basic kit… Adding holes and fairings for the four guns on the air intake flanks was the easiest part including hollow steel needles as gun muzzles. More complicated was the addition of two fuselage plugs: the FK had a slightly longer fuselage than the original D variant, for CG reasons. That difference was just 20cm 8 inches in real life, which means a mere 3mm in scale, added behind the wings. Simple, but effective, and once the fuselage had been put back together again, the sheet be easily trimmed and hidden under relatively little PSR work, since the old Airfix kit comes with raised, relatively delicate surface details. Integrating the air intake turned out to be a little tricky: Basically the intake duct fits well into the fuselage opening, but the many styrene layers look very thick and massive, so I tried to take away as much material as possible. The intake lip still looks rather round, though, and the tight space does not make thing easy.

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